Glee Club is officially over. Thank you guys. It’s been an honour.

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Favourite performances from season 4: 04x06 Glease: Beauty School Drop Out
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Jenna Ushkowitz for Regard Magazine, 1/2

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if Kurt is your favorite character, then why didn't you make a big long post about Blaine trying sabotage Kurt in 5x16? Blaine literally plotted against Kurt.


Please read my other posts where Blaine’s flaws were discussed.

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I’m not going to be answering any more Anons about 5x16, because I’ve said everything I’ve felt I needed to, and I’m starting to sound extremely repetitive. If you want to discuss the episode, please send me a non-Anonymous ask! Also, I’ve had a few phantom asks, so if you sent me something and I didn’t reply, please let me know.

will say, though, that I still love Kurt and he’s still my favourite character. A discussion of his flaws doesn’t mean I love him any less. I’m really hoping Glee will realize the result of their writing and give Kurt an active role in Klaine, with gestures, emotions, and discussion of his feelings. Both our boys have major flaws, and I’m hopeful that things will work out. Klaine is still my OTP, and I believe they’re right for each other.

To my new followers: hello! I love Kurt, Blaine, and Klaine, and I also support Miarren and Chrisneyland, so please keep this in mind!

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How I feel about Klaine right now:





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I'm not saying Kurt doesn't do things wrong but the way Blaine treats him is much worse


Sorry Anon, but I completely disagree in terms of 5x14 and 5x16. Kurt’s behaviour is a big problem in these storylines, and I’m desperately hoping for recognition of this problem and communication from Kurt. 

I love Kurt, I love Blaine. I want them to be together because they want to be together. But I’m also going to see their flaws, and I’m going to talk about who did what wrong. Right now, a single gesture from Kurt that he loves Blaine would be a huge start.

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What did Kurt do wrong though? Blaine shut him out and turned to porn instead of talking to him and by the time he wanted to talk Kurt was mad that his fiancé chose to jerk off instead of having sex with him for over a week and pretty much replaced him with porn which was right after the manorexic comment. You can't blame Kurt for being pissed off about that.


Kurt does a lot wrong, but mostly, he contributes to a lot of their fighting but blames Blaine for it. He never apologizes or accepts any blame. Since 5x14, Kurt hasn’t given Blaine any gesture of love. He says he loves Blaine, but we don’t see it. He takes what Blaine has to give, but never gives anything himself. There hasn’t been a single action that made me think “Wow, Kurt really loves Blaine”.  Which is sad, because I know he does, but it’s not being shown. Blaine is giving SO MUCH, and Kurt is giving nothing, which makes him seem so fucking cold. It’s mostly the writing that’s causing this, but it’s been consistent enough to become a problem between the characters.

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I agree in whole with your thoughts on the Klaine relationship and it just feels down right sad for me to watch. Kurt telling his partner that "he didn't want to talk" as in he was unwilling to listen is so hurtful. As a viewer there's little indication that Kurt is willing to make a life WITH Blaine and it just feels like Kurt is penciling him in when its on his terms. Kurt is my fav character but I'm doubting whether he really wants to be a good partner to Blaine.


That really hurt me, too.

It made it seem like Kurt is only willing to listen when Blaine is ready to accept all the blame and say he’s wrong. When Blaine wants to talk about what Kurt did wrong (stand him up, storm out without discussion when he saw the porn), Kurt says no, they ‘talk too much’. But then later he blames Blaine for not talking to him, after Blaine admits all his flaws and feelings and Kurt…stands there, does none of those things, and lets him take the blame. It’s such erratic behaviour, and so unlike Kurt. It’s not an equal relationship right now.

I agree that I don’t think Kurt is willing to make a life with Blaine. It seems like he wants something more casual with less emotional investment, which means that a break up between the boys is inevitable and probably for the best. Kurt needs to remember how to give in a relationship, how to accept blame, and Blaine constantly being submissive and letting Kurt BE the “Guy with No Flaws Who’s Always Right” is a big problem, too. Neither is being “equal”, but Kurt thinks he is, and that’s the problem.

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I can admit that the way Kurt handled the situation could have been better and that he seen rather cold and disrant lately but Blaine was also in the wrong for his manorexic comment and trying to get Kurt to eat more. Honestly at this point they're both toxic for each other. Neither of then are bad people but I think it would just be best for them to separate.


The problem isn’t about their flaws.

Both Kurt and Blaine have them. Blaine did a lot of negative things in this episode: he called Kurt manorexic, he struggled with his feelings about the Alpha Gay, and he was a little too clingy, among others. Blaine knows these flaws and admits them, he talks about them and struggles to work through them. 

The problem is that Blaine constantly, constantly takes the blame for their problems. Glee blames him for every fight between Klaine. Kurt blames him, or at the very least, lets Blaine blame himself. All their problems are being pushed on Blaine, who’s cracking under the pressure, and Kurt isn’t sharing, compromising, or even trying to be part of a couple. He demands an equal relationship but offers nothing.

Blaine’s even getting blamed for things he had very little to do with, like the fencing scene. Kurt attacked him viciously, numerous times, but then gets mad at Blaine and says “You were really coming at me!”. Same with Kurt wanting him to move out. Kurt keeps stressing it was a decision made together, and that’s true to an extent. But it happened because Kurt wouldn’t share, wouldn’t budge, wouldn’t do anything, and Blaine had no other option but to suggest he move out. Blaine didn’t want to move out, and he tried to compromise numerous times, but Kurt refused to change anything. It was never an equal decision. Kurt would not live with Blaine. spun the story to say that Blaine needs “new experiences”, and never saw his behaviour as wrong.

Kurt’s flaws are never mentioned and never addressed, even though they’ve been exaggerated 100x. He’s always been independent and self-sufficient, and I always loved that about him. It can be a flaw in certain situations, but it was a reasonable flaw that lots of people have. It was relatable. Now, he’s become a wall. He’s not acting like part of a couple, but as though everything he does is fair and reasonable, and Blaine needs to just work around Kurt. A lot of Blaine’s actions stem from Kurt’s behaviour towards him (we know he gets upset and clingy when Kurt drastically pulls away), but Blaine is getting 110% of the blame. 

Kurt did so much wrong in 5x14 and 5x16, and Glee portrayed him as correct. Blaine’s flaws exist, yes, but their fighting stems from Kurt’s flaws and behaviours. Yet Blaine is being blamed.

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you make me feel so young.

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I love this moment

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